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Founded in 2012, Jiangsu Funa Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the capacity to produce 5 million PCSPCB or ceramic label products annually and vari



Reasons for choosing us

From antenna design to personalized data coding one-stop service, master core technology and intellectual property rights....


Professional smart card and RFID tag manufacturers in the industry are committed to smart card technology and product development, production and sales....

Technological superiority

Electronic tag (RFID) recognition is more accurate and the recognition distance is more flexible. Can achieve penetration and barrier-free reading....

corporate culture

Sustainable innovation is the source and motive force for the survival and development of enterprises, creating the most competitive medium and heavy plate quality enterprises....

Jiangsu Fora Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:No. 2 Mintai Avenue, Yizheng Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province


Mobile phone:15995544528

Email:[email protected]

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